Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Ornaments

Well, I wanted to show some of my ornaments. Some have sentamental value to me. I wanted to do this for a while, but I just figured how to take the picture with out it being fuzzy. You have to stand back and use the zoom. I was very excited when it worked.

My blogging activities have been curtailed by the planning for the Christmas festivities. I am such the blogoholic, that I will fit it inbetween my cleaning, laundry, wrapping gifts, still decorating the house, cooking some items for the Christmas Eve dinner, which we are hosting this year and hanging with my kids.
This is made of metal. I like the tin looking ornaments. It gives a homey look to the tree. It also looks like it was handmade. I know it was mass produced, but I can dream:)

This one is from Jason's parents. They had this on their tree since probably the 60's. I like it. It looks like a baked cookie.

Another tin looking ornament.

This one was my Grandma Millie's ornament. My Dad's Mom. She gave her ornaments to my Mom when she stop putting the tree up. Around the time we starting growing up.

This ornament was Jason's Grandparent's. They used to put this on their tree since the 40's. When I was at the Christmas Store, there was a tree decorated with ornaments like this one and it said it was a polish themed tree. Jason's family is 100% polish. So, I am guessing this is a polish themed ornament.

I like this ornament, because I like colorful fish.

This ornament is based on the Fabrege' Eggs, that were made for the Czar's of Russia. Since I am 25% percent Russian, I had to get it

We got this ornament at a garage sale, for only a couple of bucks. It is a snowglobe ornament. Kind of cool, huh?

I hope you like some of my ornaments. I enjoyed posting them and remembering the history of some of them.

Now, I am going to do a little bit of blogging and then start on my list of chores.



sandy said...

Very nice ornaments:) I have a lot a favorites too. It's nice to be reminded of those special memories every yesr when we decorate the tree.

Tonya said...

Very nice. I also wanted to let you know Patch work pjs is now http://tuesdaysattonyas.blogspot.com Sorry for the inconvience of changing things up.
Merry Christmas!

Kathryn said...

LOVE all your ornaments -- they do provide such wonderful memories!!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Take care

Michaela said...

Great ornaments - I love putting up our ornaments, because I get all sentimental about it too. My mom gives each child a new ornament every year - it's so much fun to look at them

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm still figuring out my camera and taking non-fuzzy close-ups!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohhhhh! Pretty ornaments!!

Merry Christmas!!

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