Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lindsey's Second Month and Block Work Scrapbook Pages.

This was a double page. The top was the right side and the bottom was the left. The bottom one is also not so blurry. Oh well. I got this idea from Memory Makers. The buttons are really 3-d stickers. These pages involved alot of measuring. It took me two or three days to do these pages. But, of course, I was also watching TV at the time, so I was a bit distracted. Hey, TV watching is another hobby of mine.

Here is Lindsey's 2 month scrapbook page. I am so bummed, I cut off the bottom end a bit. It was simple to make and I like the page. The pink paper is actually a velvety kind of paper. The squiggly lines is part of the pink paper. I think the sticker border is adorable. I want to say I got it at Creative Memories. It was a while ago. Sorry I don't know where my stuff comes from, but since I am blogging, I will be taking notice when I do anything new.
I also want to say I was feeling a bit blue today. I just happened to mention it at SITS and I got a few comments to cheer me up. It was great, totally unexpected. I also saw a great blog in the process, which I now follow. Her name is Sandy and I will post the name in tomorrow's post. I just wanted to give her a shout out, because her blog is going to give me some ideas for crafts with my kids.


sandy said...

Aww thanks Vickie! I love to make people smile and I'm glad I could help. Stop by anytime:)

KimmyJ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will also be holding you up in prayer for God's peace and comfort during the difficult holidays wihtout our loved ones. Great blog, I'll be back for some inspiration!!

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