Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am just learning how to put Youtube stuff on my blog, so hope this works.

Okay, alot of people have been posting about Twilight. So, I am going to post about the movie I am looking forward to seeing. It is "JCVD". Now, I am not a fan of Jean-Claude Vandame, but his movie "Timecop", was the first movie my husband, then boyfriend saw after we got back together after a short separation. So, it has sentimental value to us. I also hear that "JCVD" is receiving good reviews. I probably will not go to the theater to see it, but wait until it is on cable.
I hope you enjoy the trailer:)Photobucket


MarciaBrady said...

Hi Vickie! Thanks for trying to help me get to 10 comments. I got close! It will happen eventually! I know it!

So, I used to like JCVD when I was younger, but not so much anymore. I think I just like him b/c my dad watched his movies. Plus, I'm more of a comedy/drama/inspirational movie kinda gal now. I occasionally like the action movies and will watch them with my bf if he asks.


Michaela said...

I used to think he was a hottie when I was younger - my tastes have changed ;) I did see though that he had a new movie coming out.
Oh - and about the cooking - My pantry is filled with pre-packaged meals!! Like I said in the one post - easy cooking ;)

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