Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I do hope everyone has a great time. What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Well this year we are going over to my sister's for the feast.

This afternoon , the kids and I made papertowel roll turkeys. I got the idea from Sandy over at Just For Fun. Thanks Sandy, the kids had fun decorating their turkeys. That will be our centerpiece at the Thanksgiving Breakfast table. Jason, my husband, and I since we got married have made a big breakfast for Thanksgiving morning. The kids love it and look forward to the holiday. I will make a batch of pancakes, biscuits and Jason will grill regular bacon on the George Forman Grill. I will also make myself a fried egg and a slice of Canadian bacon with cheese on my biscuit. I call it a Canadian Sunrise. What traditions do you enjoy every year?

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!



Ikki said...

Hi Vickie, sounds like you have had, are having, or going to have a great time with your family. My best wishes to you and yours. Ikki xx

ps have left something for you on my blog.

EmmaP said...

what a cute idea! have a great thanksgiving!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What? No pics of the centerpiece turkey??? Come on!!! =)

We're all stuffed over here. Kids are sleeping and the hubby & I are taking turns playing Guitar Hero. He's trying to beat my top if!!! LOL!

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