Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lindsey Sleeping and Weee!! Scrapbook Pages

WEEE!! I love this page. I took pictures of Lindsey, swinging on her baby swing. When I developed them, I saw an instant scrapbook page!! The button sticker on the left is covering up an accidental ink mark. With scrapbooking you can fix almost all mistakes. I was pleased with myself.
To creat this pages, I used The Deluxe Color Blocking Templates-series 1, template 13-B from I use this template alot. It helps me measure for a more perfect fit.

Around this time that I did this page, I discovered using font from your computer. Which is about as computer scrapbooking that I get. Though a few weeks ago, I discovered I really like using the website. You can use the basic service for free. Though I still like doing it manually. It is fun putting things together from scratch.
Well, it is Saturday, and I am looking to catch up on my TV watching. I have so much TV shows programed on my DVR. The DVR starts to fill up during the fall season.


Traci said...

Hi Vickie, I just joined the SBS group 26 and enjoyed seeing your blog. Your pages are adorable. I have to agree the "WEEE" pictures where just screaming to be scrapped!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Lovely family, lovely blog!!! Your scrapbooking is amazing!!! (zero talent over here!)

Nice to find you from SITS!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hey Vickie!

Come on back and sign up for my cookbook giveaway!!

Meaghan said...

Don't forget to stop by and get into this weeks coffee :)

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