Friday, February 8, 2013

Flip Flop Challenge Feb 1B

Little Adventures
The picture of the flower was supplied by Amy.

My Edit
This is what I did:
  • I went to
  • Adjustment
    • Cropped
    • Color Splash
    • Vibrance to 73%
    • Color
      • Hue to -64%
      • Saturation to -45%
  • Overlay
    • Bokeh - Princess to 41%
    • Leaking HD-Spotty to 100%
  • Frame - Ink - Blacksun
Purple is my favorite color:)
Thanks for looking!


Amy S said...

how CREATIVE! to change the color! VERY pretty!

JulieH said...

Loving the purple and the lens flare! Very creative!

Carrie said...

Love that you changed it to purple!

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