Saturday, February 2, 2013

FFPH 5B & Boooo Photobucket

Today is not starting out well. I haven't gotten my check from work yet and Photobucket threw away their cool edits. Mobile apps are better than they are right now. Gosh, I hope they get back to the old way soon.
Little Adventures
Okay, time for another pic challenge with Flip Flop Photo Challenges. It is of Amy as a little girl.

My edit
This is what I did:

  • Autofixed
  • Used the eye brightened tool on hair and outfit.
  • Airbrushed
  • Added a little blush on right cheek.
  • Used the mascara tool on the whole eye and hair.
  • Used the grunge texture which I faded to 30%.
  • Used the vintage filter Robert at 35%.

  • This is where the disappointment started.  I found they threw all the good stuff away!!  So I used some kind of white grungy frame.  I was so mad I forgot to check the name cuz as soon as I did it I went to their facebook page and complained.  Then went to twitter and complained some more!
  • I tried to add my text but found it was not friendly at all.

Soooooo....I went back to ipiccy and added my text.

First picmonkey started to charge for their cool edits and now photobucket threw their cool edits away.

I am sooo irritated!!

I hope you all are having a better day!!

By the way...thanks for looking.



Amy S said...

awwwwww Im sorry for your frustration!!!!!! But your edit ended up beautiful! :D I love the look you gave it! :D Vintage looking ... Thanks for linking up as always!

Amanda said...

Very cool vintage edit!

Carrie said...

I like your edit, the color in her cheek esp. I echo your frustration! I ended up paying monthly for PM and I'm sure soon enough iPiccy will follow suit and charge to use the good stuff!

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