Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Revamp 3

Still not happy since this morning. Photobucket and my work not sending me my check...yet others have gotten theirs. Man, this weekend is sucking:( 

So, on to my Saturday Revamp.

saturdayrevampbutton 2 photo saturdayrevampbutton2_zps8dca04e1.jpg

I took this pic in January of 2008 right after a snow fall.  The only time a leafless tree looks pretty is when snow or ice is on it.
My original
My edit
This is what I did...strictly with ipiccy! (Click on pic to get a better look)
  • Cropped the photo.
  • Took out the picnic table and playscape with the cloning tool.
  • Used the eye brighten tool everywhere.
  • Soften the area around the tree.
  • Added a light texture.
  • Added a matte filter.
  • Used a rounded corner frame.

Well, hoping for good news on Monday when I call about my missing check.  Thanks for looking:)


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