Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flip Flop Edit Challenge Feb 1A

Feeling much better than last week. I found out over the weekend that, who originally had the editing program photobucket was using, still has it. So, I had to send the good news. So, I went crazy on Facebook and twitter. I knew I wasn't the only one disappointed.
Though this week isn't going so smooth  either.  Guess we can't always have a good week.   It is only Wednesday, it still has a chance to improve:)
Little Adventures
This pretty picture was supplied by Amy. It was taken at her wedding.

My edit
Click on the pics to make them larger.

This is what I did:
  • Eye brighten tool for eyes and earrings.
  • Mascara tool for eyes, earrings, hair and necklace.
  • Took out some trees with the cloning tool.
  • Airbrushed
  • Blemish fixer
  • Lightened with the curve tool.
  • Daguerreotype filter at 55%.
  • Vintage Susan filter at 45%
  • Color tint-blue at 62%.
With Gimp I added the frame.  I got the frame from, Free Scrapbooking Supplies
Then went back to ipiccy and added my text.

Thanks for looking!


Amy S said...

What a unique edit Vickie! I love the scrapbooking frame you chose! :D and the blue tint made her eyes just sparkle

Carrie said...

The frame is terrific and thank you for adding the scrapbooking link! Any advice on getting frames to work in Photoshop? I can never seem to keep the integrity of the image when I try to place into an existing frame. Lovely edit!

Amanda said...

Great edit, I love the vintage feel of the photo and the frame is awesome!

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