Friday, January 18, 2013

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge 3B

Little Adventures
The picture supplied by the current Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge is by Amy of Little Adventures.
My edit

This is what I did:  (to see the pic better, just click on it)
  • Went to ipiccy and used Fancy Focus and the Sepia filter.
  • Lighten the pic more with the curve tool.
  • Brighten the eyes.
  • Airbrushed
  • Added just a smidge of Bokeh.
  • Used the Matte filter.
Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!  My little bubba has been dealing with a virus that tag along with her cold and gave her hives.  So my weekend will be putting calamine lotion on her every 30 minutes or so.  She is being a trooper though!!


Amy said...

aw your poor sweetie! :( Hope she gets better ASAP! thanks for editing the photo! LOVE the sepia! :D Great job girl!

Mariane said...

Awww poor little girl .. it is so hard to see our small children like this.. It hurts in heart.
and btw .. your weekly photo is very well done :)

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