Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Revamp

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 I am having so much fun editing photos.  Not a lot of challenges out there for editing photos.  Amy over at Little Adventures does it twice a week.  But I am a bit addicted so I added my own theme day.  I call it,  Saturday Revamp.

This past August the Hubs and I went to Las Vegas.  We stayed at The Paris.  Here is a pic of the Eiffel Tower.  I had been playing with my camera and finally took a pic where the lighting wasn't blurry.  Of course, I don't remember what I did.  So, every time I take a photo with lights, I always have to play first before I get it right.  You would think I would write what I did down on paper.

This is what I did:
Went to ipiccy:
  • Cropped the photo.
  • Straightened it.
  • Added more vibrance.
  • Added more bokeh.  The photo actually had natural bokeh!! 

If you did any editing posts, let me know.  I pick up tips from others.  If I get better at this editing thing...maybe I will add my own linky. photo face_zpsc95a6a49.jpg
Thanks for looking!!

After I had posted this, I noticed a black sticker butterfly on my pic.  I pushed that sticker button  twice.  Crudola.


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