Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flip Flop Edit Challenge 2b

Little Adventures
Time for another challenge over at Flip Flop Edit Challenge.  Amy does two a week!! 
My edit
This is what I did with my edit:
ps. for the first time I added a raindrop using GIMP.  Not as nice as I have seen people do in Photoshop, but it will do.

  • First I went to and cropped the photo and auto fixed it.
  • Sharpen -24
  • Clarity - 13
  • Cloned out the bug.
  • I added 2 raindrops with GIMP.
  • Back to and Fancy Focus, which made the surrounding area blurry.
  • Focal black & white, which made just the flower have color.
  • Mirror Frame.

That was fun!!  Thanks for looking!



Amy said...

love that you set out to try something new and you accomplished what you wanted to do! :D beautiful end result! :D

Carrie said...

Very cool how you added the drop of water! Been hearing a lot about ipccy, may need to check it out! Terrific edit!

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