Monday, January 26, 2009

I Am Feeling The Love and Sick Bubbas

I was feeling alot of bloggy love this weekend. First, I received this award from Tonya over at Tuesdays at Tonya's. She is one of my Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #26. She is originally from the states. She is an Army wife who is now stationed in England. I think she is missing her family and friends, if you have time can you go over there and give her some bloggy love.

Interesting fact about her. She actually was the designer of this award as well. It made its way back to her. I thought that was a hoot.

Second, this award I received from Ally over at Ally in Wonderland. She is a student teacher. She has such cute stories of her students. She calls them by numbers. Just like Yang on "Greys' Anatomy". She is also a great supporter of my weight loss. She comes over and cheers me on. This past week my snacking was ugly and she was there telling me to get back up. I gotta get myself back on that wagon.

Thirdly, you guys posted such nice comments about me. I was feeling so gushy this weekend. I was feeling the bloggy love.

Now the poo poo news. All my kids have been sick for the past three weeks. The first two took turns. Now it is my little one. She has a fever, cold and a sore throat. I can't get her to take her medicine. She just spits it out. I gave her a bath in hopes that it makes her feel better. It did for little bit. She is not eating much and only drinks a little bit. If she doesn't get better in the next couple of days, I am gonna have to take her to the doctors.

Gosh, my house is a huge petri dish!! These germs are just getting passed around. Round and round they go, where they stop, nobody knows.



sandy said...

I hope everyone is well soon:0)

MarciaBrady said...

I'm sorry your kids have been sick. I hope they all feel better soon!!

Oh and thanks for the honest scrap award! I'll be getting to it!! :)

Katie said...

I'm sorry to hear everyone is sick! Hope you're not reinfecting each other, doesn't it seem like winter can be one unending round of sickness:(

EmmaP said...

sounds like you all took "sharing" to a whole new level!

Kitten said...

Hey Vickie--thanks for stopping by my place! Hope everyone feels better soon! I'm a teacher myself so I know what it's like to be living in a petri dish! So far there hasn't been anything truly nasty going around this year...knock wood! (Rap, rap!)

Ally in Wonderland said...

Awww, you say all those things like I'm a nice person or something!! :) Thanks Vicki!

Tonya said...


You are too sweet! Thank you - and yes I do miss my family & friends...I miss Ohio alot. I had a great church there with amazing friends. Now it's me and Lady (my dog) during the day for 6 hours...gets kinda lonely...but it's starting to warm up I think and that will be good for me. I don't like cold. Oh and uh - I'm an AIR FORCE wife...haha, but I love watch Army Wives, do you watch it?
I hope everyone in your house is feeling better.

Kate Lewis said...

Really hope your kids are better very soon - sorry to hear they're sick, love Kate x

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