Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Book Projects: The Snow Speaks

It is Friday Book Projects with Sandy. My kids love this because they know that at least once a week, we are going to be doing crafts.

We did this project two weeks ago. The book was "The Snow Speaks" by Nancy Carlstrom.

We ripped pieces of white paper and then glued them on another sheet of paper. Like layers of snow. Then we put glitter glue and more glitter on the top. We used cotton balls for snowmen. As you will see when you scroll down, the kids love the glitter glue.

Here is Lindsey's, the eight year old. She came after we had finished. Lindsey's is different. She used cottonballs for everything.

Here is Adela's, the 2 1/2 year old.

Here is Michaela's, the four year old. Sorry, I don't know why that came out so dark.



sandy said...

Very fun Vickie! Thanks for participating!

Jenny said...

I love seeing kids art so beautiful!
Cant wait till mine is old enough so that we can do that together. I tryed, bu she jus tries to eat it all! LOL!

Mama Said said...

What is it about kids and glitter?

Well, okay, I like a little bling myself! LOL!

Very cute artwork!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You're so creative!

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