Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There Are Still Decent People

Well, yesterday our chimney was repaired. Quality Masonry came out and cleaned it very good. They were at it for a long time. They said that Chimney Cricket never really did their job. Of course they did not, they never brought those long wire brushes inside the house. But, there was a hole and some cracks. Quality Masonry could not do it, because they did not have the right tool. But recommended a guy who was small enough to fix in the chimney smoke chamber. He was from DW Brick and Chimney. He did patch my chimney. They both said it did not need rebuilding like the second girl, after Chimney Cricket, said. The economy is bad and they want to get more money. They both basically said we will get rich, but not off of you. It was so refreshing to see honest men. This Friday we will be having a fire. Our holiday also will be a little more festive as well.

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