Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm A Scraplifter

In the begining of my scrapbooking hobby, my pages were more simple. I am hoping as I show you more of my pages, you will see that they have become more interesting as time goes by. I consider myself a scraplifter, I look through magazines and books for ideas and help. Usually none of my pages are my own true design. they will not be exactly like the pros, but I try to be close to it. These are our honeymoon pages. This is our room at the lamplighter Inn. It was so quaint. The middle picture has a table and a cute pink lamp. That was where I wrote some postcards to our families members. I loved this room. I felt like I was traveling back in time.

This was at the Mac Woods Dune Rides. It is like a roller coaster. It takes you all over the sanddunes on Lake Michigan. The curvy lines under the title are for the swirling sand on the dunes. It was a little chilly there and I wore shorts. Not the smartest thing I did.

This page is two postcards regarding the sand dunes and the legend of Sleepy Bear Sand Dunes. Here it is: Years ago, a Mother Bear and her two cubs fled a Wisconsin forest fire by swimming across the blue waters of Lake Michigan. Wearily the Mother Bear reached Michigan's great sand bluffs, but the exhausted cubs disappeared beneath the water before reaching shore. Mother Bear climbed to the top of the dunes to await her cubs. Grief-stricken and spent, the Mother Bear fell into a deep sleep. The Great Spirit Manitau took pity and raised her two cubs as two beautiful gem-like islands, forested with green and edged with golden sand. Today as the wind, the rain and the snow sweeps over Mother Bear and the sun warms her, she keeps her lonely vigil. The spirit of her cubs lives on forever in the beautiful Manitou Islands. This beautiful Chippewa Indian Legend has been preserved through the generations. Now the little squares around the pages are pictures of sand I did not want, that I had punched out. Sorry you probably cannot tell. Someday, I will be able to get a bigger scanner or take them to Kinkos.

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