Friday, October 24, 2008

Beware Of Chimney Cricket

Since 2004 we had this company clean our chimney. Yet when we had soot build up that is now glazing, they were supposed to come in last week to clean it up. They were a no show two days in a row. They never called back. Today another company came out to give us an estimate. Basically, Chimney Cricket, never cleaned the chimney properly, they allowed the buildup to happen, and we were notified that the company has lawsuits against them for exactly are problem. We are screwed. It is expensive to fix. Basically they would need to rebuild our chimney. We can't have fires now til probably spring, because we cannot afford to fix the chimney. No fires around the holidays! We are stuck!

Also, I cannot put my scrapbook pages on the computer because my scanner only scans 8x10. All my scrapbooks are 12x12. I tried taking a picture of them and that does not look good either, the picture looks a little fuzzy.

Though there is an up note: Through my childrens family dentist, I won 100 dollar gas card. For a few minutes, I was felling good. Until I called my husband and we discussed our chimney problem.

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