Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day Card and Stuff

Wow, I haven't been blogging much this past week. I remember when I first started I was on all the time!! What happened? I know...Summer:)

This is the card I made for Jason's Dad for Father's Day. I thought it was kind of plain. What I was planning just didn't come to life. Jason and his Dad thought it was good. Okay, I will take it:)

Well this past Thursday, Jason's parents took Lindsey and Michaela up to their cottage for about three weeks. Adela is still with me. It will be like a vacation!!

Later that day we had a train thunderstorm come through. One came right after the other. The first one was bad. We had hurricane force winds!! I swear the windows were moving!! We didn't lose power but others in the city did. Lucky, until Friday afternoon.

Adela and I went to visit a friend for half the day and when I got back I realized we had lost power!! I guess they had to turn our neighborhood off so they could work on the rest of the city. Adela was a little mad. She couldn't watch TV!! As soon as it came back on, right away she was telling me to put on "Dragon Tales". Geez, no patience:)



AL said...

Hey that's a cool "DAD" card with the belts and colors...nice!


Traci said...

Cute card! I love the buckles and the buttons you used!

blueviolet said...

I think it turned out pretty cool. I like the embellishments you used. :)

Melissa said...

I like that card! I don't think it's plain at all.

Anonymous said...

That card is great!

3 weeks??? Wow, what are you gonna do with all your free time? Lol!

EmmaP said...

i LOVE the dad card! not plain at all!!! and poor thing! what's a gal to do without her dragontails???

Anne said...

I like your Father's Day card, it's great!
So how are you getting on just with your little one - are you all missing the other two? I had my older two at my folks one summer, and the little one was kind of lost, poor soul :) But you're right, it is like a vacation!
Take care,

Queenie Jeannie said...

Your card is great! Men don't like lots of "fru-fru" like we do, lol!

I remember when Bella watched Dragon Tales - she LOVED that show!

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