Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ter's Card Challenge

Ter of With An Angel On My Shoulder does a weekly card challenge. This week was CANDY. Check all the entries here.

I saw this button and I had to buy it. I thought it was so pretty. I knew right away how I was gonna use the button. I am using the button for the candy theme. I am just crazy for buttons.

I used it for the dot in the "i". I made this for one of my SBS#26 sisters, but the mail man lost the card in the mail. So, it is now floating around here in the US or in Canada.


Ter said...

I love the card and especially the button!!!

I didn't distress the circles, the patterned paper came that way (similar to your background on here!:) ) but i did cut out on circle to put on the top half because I accidentally made a smudge with my ink (I'm new at stamping!)

Thanks for participating! I hope more and more people will be joining us as I get back into the swing of things. Feel free to invite whoever to join! :)

(oh and don't you just HATE when mail gets lost!!?!?! two of my long distance friends sent me sympathy cards and they never arrived!)

angie said...

Under you at SITS roll call, stopping by to say hi!

Cute button, and even a cuter little puppy you have!

EmmaP said...

wow! that is awesome! we have groups of ladies here that get together for card swaps 4 times per year. we have a certain # of people sign up. we each make that # of the same card and then swap...you end up with that # of variety cards. this would be an awesome card to receive!

sandy said...

I really have been thinking about starting to make cards again. I did a lot when the boys were little, but since I had the girls I have not made a single one. I miss that,

Your card is so cute. I love the button:0) Too bad it got lost in the mail:0(

*Noelle* said...

i loooooove that card, it came out sooo cute!!


Anissa said...

Great Job! Love the card -- sorry it is lost. TFS

The Stylish House said...

I love the card, but can't believe it got lost!
Also When you can please stop by my blog and look at the post “Twice As Nice”. The reason is I am giving you the “Tag I’m It” Award! Since I found your blog I have enjoyed following along, and admire you openly admit you’re a blogaholic and could stand to loose a few pounds…just like ME! ~Cathy~ one of your sits

Shawn said...

Hey there!

Just checking your blog from SITS...
Nice! Love your stuff---so pretty!!

Come visit if you get a bit of time!

Anonymous said...

I love that ORANGE button!

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