Saturday, April 6, 2013

FFEC: April #2

Little Adventures
Amy supplied the picture for the challenge.

My Edit
Click the pics to make larger

This is what I did:

I went to
I brought out more of the clouds and blue sky with white balance and some saturation.  I tried to clone in more blue in the clouds.

Added a sun with the supernova filter.

Back to Ribbet:
Added a texture and used the Morocco Filter.

Then finished with Picmonkey:
Needed my bee:)

My spring break is almost over.  Crudola!


JulieH said...

Love the sky and the vibrancy! Super fun edit!

Carrie said...

I agree with Julie - I love the texture in the sky, looks like a watercolor painting!

Amy S said...

I agree with the girls! :)
love the sky!!!! It is a great edit!
I love the vibrancy of the colors! :) and of course you had to add the little bee! so cute !

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