Saturday, April 13, 2013

Creative License Friday #6

 The photo for this week's challenge was supplied by SueAnn @ SueAnn's  Journey.

My edit
Click the pics to make larger.

This is what I did:

  • Cloned more clouds.
  • Used the Radiance filter.
  • I added sun with the supernova filter

  • Added vibrance with the Burst filter.
  • Added Lens Flare.
  • Added Light Trails.
  • Used the Daguerreotype Frame-Brady Effect-faded at 60%.
  • Used a Simple Edge Frame.

I had issues adding text to the picture.  Once I would finish, it would save blurry.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Never happened before  photo emoticon-010_zps9fb0b573.gif

Well, thanks for looking!



Nancy said...

You transformed that image...I love what you did with the sunshine and the clouds..Great job...

She Who Carries Camera said...

It's gives a Star Warsy type of feel with the rays of light! Fun edit! The blurriness might have come from the lower pixel count; although, I don't notice any blurriness. Thanks for playing in the Artist Box with us! :-) said...

I agree almost looks to me like another world's outer-space.. cool totally pretty too!

Barbara said...

Siencefiction or realty... I love the super nova filter!

Cathy said...

this is a really fun edit you have done! it actually looks windy, which goes well with the windmill : )

Nina said...

That's a Whole new Picture! Framing it Works so weel, and I like a lot your sun, the clouds and the big bokeh to the left!

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