Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ter's Card Challenge: Water

I made this card for an SBS #26 card swap. But I did it wrong and wrote inside of the card. I guess you are supposed to leave it empty so that the other person can use it. Opps! So I have to send her another card. I am using this card for Ter's Weekly Card Challenge. This week was water. My card has no water on it, but I am using the color blue.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scrapbook Sunday: My First Pages

It is Sunday and that means it is Scrapbook Sunday, which is brought to you by Holly of Girls At Heart and Noelle of Lil' Bits and Pieces Of Me.

Last week Noelle had posted her first scrapbook pages, which inspired me to post mine today. It was 1996 and I went to a Creative Memory party at my sil's house. I thought this was the coolest thing and I was hooked!

This page is some of my pictures during the summer of 1993 when I was a camp counselor at the Girl Scout Camp, The Timbers. My camp nickname was Munchkin. I enjoyed working at the camp. I got to travel the up north area of Michigan, either by hiking or biking. I had gotten so toned!

This page is when Jason and I went to Las Vegas and Califonia. It was our first vacation together in 1994. We stayed at The Flamingo. While we were in California we stayed with his brother who lived in California City which is in the middle of no where. The nearest mall was 2 1/2 hours away! The town bowling alley had three lanes and the bar connected to it looked like someone's basement. Vegas was great!

To see more Scrapbook Sunday layouts visit Noelle's blog.

Lately I have been feeling a little discombobulated(whoa, big word!) Lindsey was sick, I have been feeling tense about a few things, and Michaela had swallowed a watch battery the day before Good Friday and I had to take her to get an xray this past week to see where it was because it had not come out. Well if must have passed because it was no longer on the xray. Tomorrow we have to take Michaela for a lactose breath test to confirm that she is lactose intolerant. Later in the week she is going to see the stomach peds doctor to go over her test results. Basically for the past fews weeks I have been feeling a little jumbled. I feel like I am trying to catch up on stuff. Basically life got in the way and my blogging got even farther behind. I am trying to catch up. Actually I have been trying to catch up ever since we had that computer virus in February. Darn Geeks!

The things I am tense about will resolve. I just need to let it go and move on.

A Yaya trademark optimistic saying, that she usually puts on the end of her posts, needs to be put here for today.


Friday, April 24, 2009

First Sock Hop Challenge: Pink and Black

One of my favorite Scrapbook blogs, The Sisterhood Of Scrap, is celebrating their two year birthday! Happy Birthday!! They are doing daily challenges and games with prizes.

This is the first challenge:

We were to use this picture as inspiration in making a scrapbook layout or card. I made a card.

I pulled the pink and black from the picture to make this Thank You card.

If you want to participate in the party and check out the challenges and games, click here. We have until April 30th to post and link our stuff. Gives me time to participate. Because some of you know, I am a procrastinator:)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crafting Stuff Giveaway

Melissa of Creating From The Heart is having another great giveaway. Check it out here This is the stuff she is giving away. She is hinting that there could be more put in the pot!
  • Basic Grey 6x6 Lime Rickey Paper Pad
  • EK Success Scalloped Edge Punch- Medium
  • American Crafts Circle Calendar Stamp 2x2
  • A Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ter's Card Challenge

Ter of With An Angel On My Shoulder does a weekly card challenge. This week was CANDY. Check all the entries here.

I saw this button and I had to buy it. I thought it was so pretty. I knew right away how I was gonna use the button. I am using the button for the candy theme. I am just crazy for buttons.

I used it for the dot in the "i". I made this for one of my SBS#26 sisters, but the mail man lost the card in the mail. So, it is now floating around here in the US or in Canada.

Random Tuesday Thoughts

randomtuesdayIt is Tuesday, which means it is time for Randon Tuesday Thoughts brought to you by The Unmom.

This is Parker. We got him about a month ago. I was calling him the Pee Machine because he was peeing in the house and it was driving me crazy. Now I call him....

The Wood Chipper. This is his favorite pastime...chewing wood. We now have to cover our wood pile or he would have wood all over our backyard. It has happen.

Last week a guy on Twitter started following me. His name is Screwdini...Yeah, I am not following back, Dude.

Sometimes, I find that passive aggressive works.

I hogged it up like Easter last week. Three pounds of Easter crap is inside me.

To see more Random Tuesday Thoughts, visit The Unmom.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrapbook Sunday: Michaela's Baptism

It is Sunday and that means it it time for Scrapbook Sunday brought to you by Holly of Girls At Heart and Noelle of Lil' Bits and Pieces Of Me.

This past Friday I had gone to an evening scrap and I did some of Michaela's Baptism. There is another layout I did, but Blogger keeps loading that picture on it's side. So I wll have to mess with it and get it right. I will show that one later.

Michaela did cry during her baptism.

This was a double layout I did.

Here is the left side close up.

Here is the right side close up.

I am a little behind on my blogging. This past week the girls had the week off and the last couple of days have been warm, so I have been hanging with my babies. So this coming week I will be playing catch up.

You all have a great Sunday afternoon!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Wordle

It is time for Shannon's Weekend Wordles. Check Shannon out at My Last Shreds of Sanity for more wordles. Again Jeannie had helped me with this wordle. I keep forgetting to have my husband check into why my computer will not sdisplay the wordles.

Edit: I actually got it to work!!! I have no idea how!!! But it came out small.

Wordle: It Works!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Book Projects: The Grandma Book

It is time for Friday Book Projects with Sandy over at Just For Fun.

Sorry about the picture. Blogger keeps moving my picture on it's side.

So we read "The Grandma Book" by Todd Parr.

I thought we could do a project with the kid's Grandma. I made a copy of a picture and then I cut out all the facial parts. Michaela then glued them on paper. She loved the project. Michaela loves playing with glue:) Who doesn't!

Here is Michaela's picture of Grandma.

Here is the actual lady:)
I also will submit this project over at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Know I am A Blogaholic.

My husband sent me this article from CNN. I hope he sent it for a joke. If you want to read it, click here .

edit: 3:38 pm. He was joking.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blue Necklace Giveaway

Front Porch Reviews is having a giveaway on this blue pretty necklace. Check it out here .Photobucket

Monday, April 13, 2009

Recipe Swap: Ravioli Lasagna

I joined a recipe swap today with Anissa over at Learning Together Hand In Hand. My recipe is Ravioli Lasanga. This is one of my favorites. I love it when we have leftovers. I am able to have a cool lunch!

26 oz. marinara or pasta sauce
(2) 13 oz. packages cheese or meat ravioli, cook according to package
1 1/2 cups of shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven for 400-degrees. Spread 1/2 cup marinara sauce on bottom of foil baking pan. Spread 1 package of ravioli in a single layer on sauce. Top with 1 cup of sauce and 1/2 cup of mozzarella. Layer the second package of ravioli on top, then 1 cup of sauce and 1 cup of mozzarella. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees, then uncovered for 5 to 10 minutes.

To see more recipes please go and check out Learning Together Hand In Hand.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Scrapbook: Hanging With Grandma

First I want to wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Easter!

And second it is Scrapbook Sunday, brought to you by Holly of Girls At Heart and Noelle of Lil' Bits and Pieces Of Me.

Sorry for some of the glare. I got lazy and didn't feel like taking off the protective film.

It was a three page layout. Lindsey was staying at Grandma's for an extended weekend so Jason and I could go up north to the family cottage. I love the last layout(Still Hanging) with the picture on the top left . It looks like she is doing leg lefts.

To see more Scrapbook Sunday layouts check out Noelle's blog.


Shan's Weekend Wordles

This is my first time and last time participating in Shan's Weekend Wordles. My computer will not let me do it. So my friend, Jeannie, did it for me. She is such a cool chick! To see more wordles go check out Shan's blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lindsey's First Year Layout

It is Text Thursday at The Sisterhood Of Scrap. We are supposed to use a chosen word in a layout. Today's word: GROW

This is a double layout of Lindsey's first year. I took a picture of her every month. Though, the only one that does not show is October. When I did this layout, I could not find the pictures. I am such the disorganized crafter. Also, It is hard to see the title. It reads, Lindsey's First Year Watch Me Grow. The page does look nicer in person.

Also, I think I messed up my font and colors trying to be fancy in this post.

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