Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miscellaneous Sunday

Miscellaneous Sunday is just a day where I post about stuff.

 Yesterday at Meijer I saw these flowers and they are slowly dying.  I thought if I planted them, the roots would have room to grow and improve.  Here is to crossing our fingers!
A few years ago, I used to play FarmVille on Facebook, but some people got mean and both my desk top and my Hubs work laptop couldn't play it any more.  It got to big for the puter's memory.  But since April, my girls have gotten me into Hay Day.  I love it and I am addicted!

Still working on the weight loss.  I actually gained weight between winter and now.  You would think that would motivated me, but nope.  

Typing my blog on my Mini IPad is harder than on my desk top.
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