Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flip Flop Edit Challenge: March 2B

Little Adventures
Amy is back from vacay!! So the photo editing challenges are back on...Yay!!   She also supplied the photo for the challenge.

My edit
This is what I did:
First with ipiccy-
  • Auto fixed
  • Brighten eyes and earrings with eye brighten tool.
  • Airbrushed.
  • Added a texture called Just Something by DesiraeR on DeviantArt.  I also follow her blog.  She gives a lot of tuts for Gimp.

Then I went on pixlr and framed it using the Default frame called Hassel.

Thanks for looking!



Anonymous said...
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Amy S said...

I really LOVE your edit! :) so bright!!! and her eyes POP! :D along with her sparkly earrings! Great work !

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