Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cool Stuff!

I just found this website for cute countdown widgets, especially for pregnancy countdowns and thought, Gotta bookmark never know;) As of now...all I can hope for is an oopsie;) As I kept looking they do stuff like this:
Scrapbook at
Photo Tinks by

I think it is cool! I will have to go back there and do some more playing!!

I took the picture two years ago. The winter storm of December 2008.

Scrapbook at
Digital Scrapbooking Photo Tinks by

Edit: 11/5/10 Told you I was going back for more fun! This was Christmas of last year. I just might frame some of these for the holidays!!


1 comment:

EmmaP said...

whata fun site. and your girls are adorable there!

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