Monday, December 28, 2009

What! No Snow Still!

Yup!! This is another post where Vickie complains that she had a green Christmas!

During Christmas Eve and Christmas a storm came through the middle of the country. A lot of people looked out their window on Christmas and got this:


Not me:( I got this:
But!!! We still had a great day!! I also realized that day that my Husband still really loves me:)

Christmas pictures to follow!



Ter said...

*throws snowball at vickie*

seriously girl, trade places?
at least the temps have been somewhat decent.

We had a storm that started on the 24 and went through to the 26.
lot's and lots of snow. i almost lost my dog. lol

(so I exaggerate but still) you're welcome to come and take as much snow as you want.

EmmaP said...

my heart bleeds for you **oozing thick with sarcasm**

as one who really isnt a fan of the white stuff, I can't say I can relate. BUT I think i just read about a midwest storm rolling through this week?

Yaya said...

You can come here!

Shelly said...

We lost all our snow and got rain. :(

septembermom said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! The green does look pretty too!! I'm sure Jack Frost will visit you soon.

sandy said...

Our snow all gone now too. :0( I really want a blizzard!

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