Sunday, February 8, 2009

Table Challenge

I am taking part in Tonya's Table Challenge over at Tuesdays at Tonya's. You have to take a before and after picture of your table or work area. Also you have to make a list of the stuff, chunk and garbage that was on your table.
The before, yup I told you I was a crappy housewife:)

Another before picture.

The after picture. My Hubby is always happy when the table is cleaned up. I am thinking this challenge will make him happy.
Now for the list of stuff that was on my table:
  1. gift bag
  2. string
  3. syrup
  4. magazines
  5. pages ripped from the magaizines
  6. hair pick
  7. papertowel
  8. cup
  9. sippy cup
  10. plate with pancakes still on it
  11. cereal bar wrapper
  12. cell phone
  13. lindsey's camera
  14. 2 library books
  15. Lindsey's enclopedia of animals book
  16. My book
  17. zip envelope of scrapping paper
  18. The Big Stack - pack of patterned paper
  19. school work
  20. art work
  21. notes I take from phone calls and blogging
  22. fork
  23. 2 pens
  24. pencil
  25. school announcements
  26. pony tail

Now I have to hurry and get this over to Tonyas. It is due within hours. See, I am a procrastinator!



Tonya said...

Oh Vickie! You missed the post...I extended it til still have days! :) Guess it's good you missed the post and got it done though! Awesome job! Good luck!

MarciaBrady said...

Yah, I couldn't even possibly feel good enough about showing my table. I am NOT a good "housewife". I hate cleaning!! I need a maid! haha

Good job on cleaning off the table!

My problem would be, I could clean it off, but then where do I put it. I need a good organizer to come in and help me organize. Anyone out there for hire!? haha

Ter said...

oh too bad this wasn't here a week ago, I had TONS of stuff on my table!!

Yes, the challenge is a weekly thing, I started it with hopes to be inspired by other people's cards. I'm relatively new at it myself, but it's been fun so far.

Anonymous said...

Girl-you need a craft table! Then you can just leave that stuff out!

Michaela said...

I wouldn't want to show my table!! Terrible, I'm a crappy house wife too- so much so that my husband wants to get a maid! haha!
I grabbed a button :) Glad it worked!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yay - clean table!! =)

Traci said...

LOL, your table isn't that bad. At least you can see the table in most of the picture.

Mammatalk said...

Oh, wow. You are one brave woman to show your mess. I can beat that, though, ya neat freak. You should see my mess. Eek.

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