Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Layers and A Rant

First, I am just so glad I have friends.  Thank you for listening:)

Second, it is Stamp-n-Doodle time!!  The challenge this week is to use layers.  I am also using the Mighty Sea image.  I colored this image mostly with the computer.  I changed the color from black/grays to blues, to bring out the water and sky.  Then I added a sunburst for the light.  Now the rest of it was crafting.  I added glitter embossing powder to bring sparkle to the water and colored the rays and the base of the lighthouse.

I say this because there are people out there who actually think digi stampers are a lower form of paper crafters!  I read the Stamp & Scrap magazine from the library and their comment section lately has people writing and complaining about people who use digis.  They say it is not stamping cuz we are not using rubbers.  I do own rubber stamps but digis are cheaper and free if you look around blogland.  Go to Free Digital Stamps and they have a post everyday of blogs giving away a free digi.  I print my image out and most of the time color it in with markers and pencils.  We are all paper crafters...why get angry with the medium we use??  Just wanted to put my 2 Cents in.
Thanks for looking and thanks for my friends:)


Sandy Adams said...

Sometimes people are just not happy unless they are putting others down. Ignore the haters and just keep doing what you do! Your work is beautiful! :)

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